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Surplus Property

Columbia County takes title to numerous tax foreclosure properties in October or November each year. The tax foreclosure properties are administered in accordance with County policies and procedures dated March 9, 2016 (the Policies and Procedures). Click here for the policy
The County’s tax foreclosure property inventory [currently under construction] identifies properties that can be purchased from the County. If the property is worth more than $15,000 or is a buildable lot, it will be sold at a Sheriff’s sale.  If a property is worth less than $15,000 and is not buildable, the County can dispose of it through a publically noticed private sale.  Properties offered at a Sheriff’s sale that receive no bids can also be sold through a private sale.
If you are interested in a tax foreclosure property, please submit your inquiry on the current County inquiry form below. Inquiries are processed as time and resources allow and will be processed in any order that best serves the interest of the County
The next scheduled Sheriff’s sale has not been scheduled.  Click here for a list of surplus property available for negotiated sale.
Click here for the terms & conditions document bidders mush sign before bids are taken.
Tax foreclosure property sale proceeds are distributed in accordance with ORS 275.275 (Distribution of Proceeds).
Note:  Please do not attempt to contact County staff with inquiries directly unless special circumstances justify a direct contact (e.g. the circumstances associated with a foreclosed property are causing harm to your property). 

Surplus Property
  1. Tax Foreclosure Property

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  3. [If the County is not the name of the property owner, we are unable to assist you in your request]
  4. Please provide the following information about the parcel you are interested in:
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  9. The above information can be obtained from the Columbia County web site at by clicking on Property Assessment under the Property Information Heading and then clicking on the Assessment and Tax Data Online link.

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  18. Other information, if any, County should consider when deciding when and how to dispose of the property:
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  19. Please Note the Following:
       1. Buildable lots or properties valued at more than $15,000 must be offered competitively at a Columbia County Sheriff’s sale.
       2. If the property you are interested in was offered but not sold at a Sheriff’s sale, the County may sell all or a part of the property outside of the Sheriff’s sale process, but not for less than 15% of the minimum bid required at the Sheriff’s sale.
       3. If the property you are interested in is not buildable and worth less than $15,000, the County can sell the property directly to interested parties, subject to a 15-day public notice of its intent to do so.
       4. Unless it is in the best interest of the County to do otherwise, sales under Category 2 and 3 above will be offered to interested parties on a competitive basis.
       5. Tax foreclosed properties are sold on an “as is” basis, with the buyer to receive a quitclaim from the County, reserving the mineral estate and other interests to the County.
  20. Inquiry Processing
     This inquiry is being forwarded to a County contractor for initial processing.   Inquiries will be reviewed and processed in a manner that serves the best interest of the County.  Inquiries may or may or may not be processed in the order they are received. For more specific information about the County’s disposition procedures, please see current adopted disposition policies, by clicking the link above this form.
  21. QUESTIONS Contact Shannon Planchon, Columbia County Contractor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (503) 467-8599
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Inquiries will be filed and processed in accordance with the revised sales procedures