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Columbia County


The cartography section of the Assessor's Office is responsible for tracking ownership of all real property in the county and maintaining a complete set of tax lot maps. All documents recorded in the County Clerk's Deed Records are reviewed to determine if they involve a change in property ownership or property description.  This section has been converting from mylar mapping to digital mapping and has incorporated many layers of data for our GIS program. 

The ORMAP (the Oregon Map) project will develop a statewide property tax parcel base map that is digital, publicly accessible, and continually maintained. This move from paper to computer-based mapping will help and improve the administration of the property tax system.  For more information visit ORMAP.

Forms and Publications

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Frequently Asked Questions

I married last month and want to change the name on my property but I don't want to add my husband's name. What should I do?
You may do one of the following: Record a document deeding the property from your old name to your new name. Complete a "Request for Change of Assessor's Records" form and attach a copy of the marriage certificate. The ownership record in the Assessor's Office will be changed as follows:
New last name (old last name) first name, i.e. Jones (Brown) Elizabeth.

My ex-wife and I divorced two years ago. Why does her name still show on your ownership records?
If you want to remove her name, you need to provide us with a copy of the Circuit Court document or other legal document that granted the property to you.

My spouse passed away a year ago. How do I remove her/his name from ownership records in the Assessor's Office?
The death certificate must be recorded with the County Clerk. Complete a "Request for Change of Assessor's Records" form. If the death certificate was recorded in a county other than Columbia County, attach a copy of the death certificate to the request form.

I have purchased additional property and I now get two real property tax statements. Can I have the two tax lots combined so that I only get one tax statement?
Yes, as long as the properties are on the same tax lot map, share a common border, the name of the buyer listed on both deeds is exactly the same and all the real property taxes on both tax lots have been paid.  If there is a taxing district boundary line passing through your property, even though the Assessor combines the two tax lots, you will get two tax statements because the taxes may be calculated using different tax rates. Complete a "Request to Segregate or Combine Tax Lot(s)" form.

When I bought my property the assessor's office records indicated it was 3.46 acres and I paid for 3.46 acres. Now I have had the property surveyed and the surveyor says it is only 3.32 acres. Who is right and can I get a refund of the excess property taxes I paid?
The survey by a licensed surveyor will be more accurate. However, you should understand that the acreage the assessor has put on your property is simply an estimate for assessment purposes only. The value of your property was determined by a registered appraiser based on his best judgment after an inspection of the property, which may not have changed with a different acreage. Refunds are not issued in these cases, nor do we go back and charge additional property taxes if the survey indicates more acreage than was previously assessed.